Our trademarks

These are some of the trademarks we have in Bolero Moda.


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http://www.donjaz.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Donjaz Wear comfortable and current, to use in day to day. With a great design steeped in the latest trends. High quality of the fabrics used in their manufacture.

Luis Civit

http://www.carusa.es/luisss.html Luis Civit presents a collection of coats and jackets with special fabrics, dresses with mixed colors… for a bold and modern woman.


http://www.carusa.es/civitss.html Urban fashion and style led to a woman who wants to convey a strong image through clothing. Color, patterns and elegance are alguness of its features.


http://www.kleymac.es/ https://www.facebook.com/kleymac/ Kleymac brings more than 36 years studying the silhouette of women. This dedication has made its system of technical and precise pattern fits perfectly to the body, starting […]


http://trovels.com/ He is currently one of the most important fashion companies in Spain. Presents following collections: Gerry collection Urban collection Trovels collection Kilt collection Casual fashion with an elegant touch […]


http://trovels.com/gallery/coleccio-kilt-2/ Kilt Collection

Gerry Urban

http://trovels.com/gallery/coleccio-urban/ Gerry Urban Collection


http://trovels.com/gallery/coleccio-gerry/ Gerry Collection


–>Facebook Messcalino http://www.messcalino.es Messcalino is a fashion brand for a dynamic, active, modern woman who likes quality, comfort and original design in her clothes. Messcalino collections are characterized by a […]


http://www.guitare.es https://www.facebook.com/guitarebcn Faithful a expansive and colourful character, Guitare brand has been since its beginning an example of enthusiasm, dynamism and quality. In an increasingly globalized market Guitare garments soon find […]


http://www.nougatlondon.co.uk/about-us Facebook Nougat London Nougat London was established in 1990 as a fashion label in London’s West End. Nougat London’s clothes are instantly recognised as being beautiful garments, combining classic […]

Etoile du Monde

http://www.etoiledumonde.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Etoile-Du-Monde/ Etoile du Monde meets the expectations of the woman, femininity, originality and exclusivity. Elegant and glamorous colors with excessive extravagance. The creator offers diversity and difference each other […]

Miss Me

http://www.missme.com/ https://www.facebook.com/missmejeans/ Miss Me celebrates the shining spirit of women of every age through quality denim and apparel. Each pair of denim is carefully crafted to enhance the inherent sparkle […]


http://www.kocca.it/ https://www.facebook.com/KoccaOfficial/ Kocca is women between 17 and 30; it follows clear and dynamic moods and there is no space for sadness. Feminine, ironic and strong, the Kocca woman also […]


http://www.replay.it/es/ https://www.facebook.com/Replay/ Replay is the Italian denim and smart casualwear brand that brings all over the world its authentic and contemporary style.

Elisa Cavaletti

http://www.elisacavaletti.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Elisa-Cavaletti/ Elisa Cavaletti is an Italian fashion label specializing in blouses. She works with a baroque style of its own, taking care of all the details so that each […]

Rever Mile

http://www.revermile.com/moda/ Spanish company brand Julianea. Julianea is a company dedicated to the manufacture of clothing, outerwear specialists with endorsing their own collections since 1994. His clothes are a top priority […]


http://www.ikks.com/es/ https://www.facebook.com/ikks?fref=ts Sexy, feminine and modern, that’s how IKKS women are. Women with freedom of thought that feel comfortable whether in their jobs or in holidays. Creative women who love […]


http://www.luckylumilano.com/it https://www.facebook.com/LUCKYLU/ LuckyLu is a female clothing brand, born in 2010, meant to dress with refined and simple elegance, women all over the world, in every ocasion of their day. Impalpable […]

Sarah Pacini

https://www.sarahpacini.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Sarah-Pacini/ Sarah Pacini continues to capture the attention of the women of the world with its innovative and distinctive style. With a philosophy that clothing should reflect the soul, […]


http://www.sinequanone.com/int_en/ https://www.facebook.com/sinequanone.com Sinequanone defined itself as a fashion brand. Urban, modern and accessible fashion. A fashion for a unique and diverse, rare and true, surprising and profound, whimsical, coherent and […]


http://zerres.com/nl/ https://www.facebook.com/Zerres-broeken/ College style is the fashion trend. Like a golden thread, it weaves itself through the whole collection. Thus Black Watch, hound’s tooth, glen check and shepherd’s check decorate […]

S.O.S. Orza Studio

http://www.sosjeans.eu/ With over 30 years experience in the “cowboy country” this Italian brand has conquered women around the world with its original jeans so elegant fabrics and accessories like jewel […]


http://www.cambio.de/home.html German fashion brand for women, specializing in jeans.


http://www.nonabcn.com/ In nona|bcn we handcraft our own belt collection with the best quality leather. Nature, design & texture is what inspires us to create a unique collection where the smallest […]

Frieda & Freddies

http://frieda-freddies.com/ https://www.facebook.com/friedafreddies/ A collection of hip lifestyle. Image refreshing and full of contrasts brand.


http://www.kangra.it/ https://www.facebook.com/Kangra-Cashmere/ The passion for quality; craftsmanship; attention to detail and hand finished; the use of the best threads, and continuous stylistic research. Constant renewal of lines, colors and details, […]

Rosso 35

http://www.rosso35.com/ https://www.facebook.com/rosso35genova/ GENOVA is the city of endless contrast, where the Rosso35 collections take form, far away from clamour and rush. They are the outcome of expert knowledge of the […]


GORGEOUS JERSEYS AND KNITS ♥ http://www.lola8.de/ https://www.facebook.com/lolabylittlewest8/timeline